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12 March
Pennsylvania, United States
dollz galore
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12 angry men, 42nd street, a chorus line, ac/dc, acting, aerosmith, aida, annie, aspects of love, australia, bobby!, bobs, broadway, buddy, bugsy malone, bye bye birdie, cabaret, canada, caroline or change, chicago, computer, creative writing, dancing, designing, divorce me, drama, drama league awards, dreamgirls, electric guitar, espanol, evita, fame, fiddler on the roof, goonies, guys and dolls, hair, hairspray, hannah, high society, hot topic, immortality, jakens.., jesus christ superstar, kev, kevin, kill bill, lea, led zepellin, led zeppelin, les miserables, little shop of horrors, london, mamma mia, me, movies, movin' out, music, musicals, my fair lady, nightmare before christmas, oklahoma, oliver, once on this island, ozzy, plays, queer guys, ragtime, rent, resident evil, role-playing, romance, rping, rps, shakespeare, shock, singing, song and dance, south pacific, spanosh, starmites, stomp, sunset boulevard, sunsets, surfing, talking, the beach, the boy from oz, the boyfriend, the hives, the lion king, the misanthrope, the music man, the nightmare before christmas, the producers, the scorpians, the sound of music, the tonys, the who, the who's tommy, theater, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, urine town, van halen, vintage, west side story, wicked, william shakespeare, wonderful, writing, zz top

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